How to Pick up Girls Without Saying a Word

I bet you’re wondering wtf I’m talking about. And by the end of this article, I am going to help you to attract anyone you want by mastering your non-verbal communication skills—that is, your body language.

Body language is typically an unconscious thing to which we don’t pay much attention; however, once we become conscious of what our bodies are saying, we can pretty much control how people are going to react to us. And, in this case, it is to control how women react and respond to you.

Use Your Mouth:

The best first impression is generally a smile. Smiling is notoriously contagious. If you consciously smile more, you will be met with positive responses from women. A resting bastard face doesn’t really say come hither. And I’m not suggesting a joker like smile or for you to mimic the Cheshire cat, but a genuine smile goes a long way!

Try out your smiles in the mirror and figure out which one seems to be the most genuine and approachable one. You can get away with a closed mouth smile, which gives off a little mystery, which is always an enticing quality to have. An open smile is the best one to invite a positive reaction as well as a smile caused from laughter.

Use Your Eyes:

The next part of your body of which you should become conscious when talking to women is your eyes. You know what they say: the eyes are the window into the soul. And if your eyes are all over the place being shifty and nervous, your female interest is reading you as just that, shifty and nervous. This is not a quality that makes women want to strip of all their clothes and jump into bed with you.

A positive way to use your eyes is to look at her mouth. When you look at her mouth, you are igniting a fire in her that wants to kiss you. Your eyes are telling her subconscious that you are thinking about kissing her.

When you’re not looking at her mouth, make sure you actually look at the girl, with whom you are speaking, in the eye. This is a very important skill to have in your arsenal. Looking people in the eye is a sign of respect, and it also lets them know that you’re not a coward. So look people in the eye when you are talking to them.

Looking people in the eye isn’t quantum physics, but staring at a girl in the eye for an extended amount of time might give off the creepy stalker vibe. You can break this up by looking at other features on her face, like her mouth. Oh, and by the way, woman can tell when you look at our chest. It is extremely obvious when we are talking to you and looking you in the eye and see your eyes wander south of our chin. You might think it is sly, but we see it. And our friends watching you talk to us will see it too.

Use Your Hands:

In a completely non-aggressive way, don’t be afraid to touch a girl gently. By this, I don’t mean awkwardly place your hand on our shoulder while you’re making intense eye contact with her.

You can, for example, place your hand on her back as you guide her through a door way. If you pass her something, you can let your hand linger while touching hers. You can also grab her by the hand to show her something. All of these types of touches create intimacy. This kind of non-sexual touching is key to creating attraction as well.

Showing affection is a very attractive practice. It shows you care and that you want to touch your crush. This relays a lot of things and also gives her the confidence to touch back. But, ultimately, touch makes women feel good and wanted. And I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t want that.

Be Playful:

Touching can also be playful! Tickling is flirting 101. Use it, because it works, my friends. Girls will squeal like a little school girl at the hand of your flirty tickle.

Now, if these aren’t behaviors that you normally exhibit, I would highly recommend that you start to integrate them slowly. You want to get these moves right, so focus on one at a time. That way, you won’t freak her out or come on too strongly.

With that, I leave you. Remember that you control how other people will react and respond to you based on how you present yourself. So pay attention to your non-verbal communication. And happy flirting!

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