4 Ways to be More Interesting to Women

That is not what women want. We want to be titillated by you.

Titillate: to stimulate or excite someone, especially in a sexual way.

If you’re not a natural born Fabio and are having trouble meeting women and keeping them engaged in conversation, you can now relax because I’ve got some tips to help your game.

To ensure that one of your dating descriptors is not boring, I’ve got four ways that I guarantee will make you a more interesting person. Let’s get started.

#1 Be Selfish:

The title might be misleading, but what I mean by be selfish is that you should spend some time on yourself cultivating some hobbies and or interests. Choose something that you could potentially share with a future girlfriend.

If you don’t find something right away, don’t worry! The more you try, the more you can narrow your focus of what you do and don’t like! Plus, even if you didn’t like the experience of a new interest like male burlesque dancing, at least you have a funny story to tell.

Embrace your weirdness because everyone has some weird stuff floating around in their brains, and your brand of weird might just be what a girl is looking for. And, the more comfortable you are in yourself, the more attractive you will be overall. Be selfish. Spend some time getting to know yourself, and LIKE yourself if you don’t already.

#2 Actually do shit!

My second piece of advice is to become a doer. Become one of those people who complete tasks. One of the ways people achieve success is by doing little tasks right away. For example, when you get an email that you know you should respond to, but, instead, you put it off and forget about it for weeks, respond to it right away, and get it off your list. This way, you don’t have to think about it again, and it leaves you more time to do other adventurous things.

A lot of the time we put things off because we think that we have this, this and this to do before we can even think about leaving the house. No, get that shit done, and go out and explore what is going on around you.

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is deadly.” – Wayne Gretzky

Become the type of person who gets stuff done. You won’t accomplish much by being a passive participant in your own life. If you learn to accomplish tasks and get out there, this will, overall, just make you a happier person who leads an interesting life, and people will want to be a part of it.

And say, “YES!” Say yes to things you usually wouldn’t say yes to. Hang out with a different group of friends. Try new activities. Be open to new things. Listen to different music. Try new food. Not all of your experiences are going to be perfect, and that is okay because they usually tend to make really great stories. Disasters, after time, are usually pretty funny if you are willing to laugh at yourself.

#3 Leave her wanting more:

Learning how to leave a girl wanting more is a crucial step in being perceived as a ridiculously interesting man, and it is also one of the most important steps in building attraction.

Say, for example, that you’re talking to a girl and your nerves get the best of you. You end up spending the entire time telling her your life story from when your childhood dog died, to your first crush in grade 3, from your parent’s divorce, to your lacrosse team’s biggest win. She will probably be polite and listen, but, in her head, she’s thinking, “When will this be over!?”

Having a “bare your soul” conversation too early doesn’t leave room for flirting, fun and, ultimately, the time and space for her to talk. I get there are nerves involved in meeting women, but you got to relax and have a gradual sharing of information. By doing this, you also start to create some tension, which is money in dating!

Your goal is to leave all encounters with women on a high note. Leave her laughing and/or smiling. Don’t leave off on a sour or bitter note, as you don’t want that to be the taste you leave in her mouth.

If you go on a date, some ways to accomplish this are to make it packed with some fun activities, but put a time limit on it, as you don’t want to just let it fizzle out.

If you are having a phone conversation or texting, leave or sign off immediately after the peak in the communication, but you should be the one to do it because I guarantee that if she was enjoying herself, she will want to see you and talk to you again. You create a desire in her to be around you.

#4 Be a Sponge:

And last, but not least, my final piece of advice is to become a sponge. That is to absorb information like it’s going out of style.

Read. Listen to podcasts. Watch the news. Try to have an adequate understanding of current events.

Intelligence is sexy, and the more information you can absorb, the more interesting you become. A great way to learn more about current events is to converse with people. Ask different people’s opinions on topics, and be open-minded to new ideas. When you have knowledge of new things, that is not only a very attractive quality to have, but it is also a great step in becoming an interesting man.

Now, I understand I just unloaded a lot of information on you, but I don’t want you to get freaked out. That is not the goal here, and it is unrealistic to think that you can accomplish all of these tasks in a short amount of time.

So pick one and start with that. Come back to the list and add a new one in every couple of weeks or every month. You’re not going to change overnight, so be patient with yourself, and remember you’re on the right track. A good place to start is by picking your favorite step and the one that seems the most doable. Or pick two, whichever you can handle. You know yourself best. Good luck and happy adventuring!

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